We want to change that.

The Orgasm Project is dedicated to raising social awareness, providing facts and research, initiating and supporting laws that affirm women’s rights to scientific progress toward sexual health, and to ending female orgasmic disorder – a pandemic that affects up to 46% of women world-wide.

The Orgasm Project’s

Purpose and Approach

Identify the Problem

Build social awareness to the enormity of the problem of women experiencing orgasmic difficulties.

Identify the Solution

Identify research that shows what helps women experience pleasure and orgasm.

Recognize Scientific Progress

Identify women’s rights to benefit from scientific progress.

Facilitate law advocacy and social change

Facilitate public policy initiatives and social change.

The Orgasm Project’s


The range and variety of women presenting with orgasmic complaints are so great that it is not always clear from the outset what treatment intervention will be most useful.
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Cosmopolitan Magazine surveyed over 2,300 women aged 18-40 in an online poll about the female orgasm. The majority of respondents (67 percent) said they have faked an orgasm with a partner. Women also reported that their partners orgasmed 95 percent of the time..
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According to a large-scale survey of American adults, women have about one orgasm for every three a man enjoys. We call this the Orgasm Gap. 
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More and more studies are shedding light on the “Orgasm Gap,” which refers to how men orgasm during sex more frequently than women.
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While 95% of heterosexual men reported that they usually or always orgasmed during sexually intimate moments, just 65% of heterosexual women did.

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Among patients in an American outpatient gynecological clinic and a UK general practice clinic, 29% and 23% of women reported orgasmic difficulties.

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